One of the things that I’m really good at is planning and scheduling. Having a daily “routine” as is popularly thought of really helps me out. I try to be as efficient as possible in everything that I do, so having a schedule that keeps my days full of the important stuff as well as the stuff that just needs doing is key. I touched a little on this in my priorities post.

I often have to rethink and revamp my day as my kids get older or our situation changes. Getting back to Brazil after the holidays has been one of those times. After making an awesome countdown calendar I put together the puzzle that will be our life for the next 52 days (yes, we’re counting).

The things I have to fit into each day are:

  • meals and the time to prepare them
  • Greg getting to work on time and getting home before dinner
  • chores
  • naps
  • snacks
  • outside playtime before the daily afternoon rain
  • exercise/shower time for mom
  • learning time
  • baths
  • stories
  • bedtimes
  • nursing

Now it looks like our day is mighty full, but we have some good chunks of free time and those are essential. Without those, the “schedule” starts to feel restrictive and suffocating.

What are the necessary parts of your day?