Holding on Tight

I think I miss home so much that I haven’t embraced the culture here quite as well as I could. There are a few Brazillian things I have adopted, but mostly I can’t let go of America.

Here are a few things I hope to hang onto when we move back:

  • Dressing up for everyday
  • Asking the butcher for the cuts I need that week
  • Giving thumbs up freely
  • Lying in our hammock when it’s nice
  • Living slowly

Here are some things I can’t seem to let go of:

  • American cooking
  • Staying in one lane while driving
  • Answering with sim (yes)
  • Working hard and getting things done
  • Using AM & PM instead of 24 hour time

And here are things I miss like crazy:

  • Fresh milk
  • The price of everything
  • Smooth. lined roads
  • Knowing what to say in nearly every situation

We love and miss you guys! Let the countdown to the holidays begin!!!


…and again…

This is probably the second or third time I’ve started blogging after the initial lure when I was pregnant with L.

30 weeks pregnant with Luke

At some point I stopped…then I looked like this…again

SUPER pregnant with Thomas

And T arrived.

APGAR score of 9.9!

I started blogging again because I had postpartum depression and it felt really good to write sometimes. Sometimes it felt like a blown-out diaper combined with spit up down my shirt, but most times it was a good release.

I’m starting again now because I live in Manaus. The middle of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. (Plus, my really awesome blogger friend, Julie, made my blog look pretty. Thanks!)


It’s essentially an island where everything is imported because it’s surrounded by forest. It’s really incredible, but I don’t have my village. You know, the one that it takes to raise children? Maybe this can be my village–my remote, faceless, online, cyber-village.