Holding on Tight

I think I miss home so much that I haven’t embraced the culture here quite as well as I could. There are a few Brazillian things I have adopted, but mostly I can’t let go of America.

Here are a few things I hope to hang onto when we move back:

  • Dressing up for everyday
  • Asking the butcher for the cuts I need that week
  • Giving thumbs up freely
  • Lying in our hammock when it’s nice
  • Living slowly

Here are some things I can’t seem to let go of:

  • American cooking
  • Staying in one lane while driving
  • Answering with sim (yes)
  • Working hard and getting things done
  • Using AM & PM instead of 24 hour time

And here are things I miss like crazy:

  • Fresh milk
  • The price of everything
  • Smooth. lined roads
  • Knowing what to say in nearly every situation

We love and miss you guys! Let the countdown to the holidays begin!!!


4 thoughts on “Holding on Tight

  1. I am so very proud of you and Greg . . . how you have met the many challenges of living in another country and culture. So look forward to seeing you . . . won’t be long now !!

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