My Mom Jeans Post led to the discovery of this amazing website called LiveExercise. If you have a hard time getting to the gym or running on your own, this is seriously something to check out. In Manaus, I don’t know where to go for dance classes and I don’t know the language well enough to join a gym-nor do I have the time/motivation to actually go regularly. My condo complex has a sala gymnastica, but it doesn’t have A/C. How you could possibly work hard enough to lose weight in a non-air conditioned room on the equator without passing out is beyond me.

With LiveExercise I can work out in the comfort of my own hard tile floored, air-conditioned office. Yes, I need to invest in a super thick mat. Right now I steal the foam tiles from the kid’s play area just to put under my knees or elbows. I don’t want to end up with bleeding elbows (Jenn G.).

Unfortunately, the internet here is kind of awful at times and I only have from 8:30-9:30am to workout. So if the web isn’t working when I can work it, then I have to trek down to the greenhouse my complex calls a gym room. I think I’ve made progress in two months. What do you think? These pictures span 7/20-9/20.

Before Starting LiveExercise July 20, 2013 August 17, 2013 August 24, 2013 August 31, 2013 September 6, 2013 September 19, 2013

I’ve only been working my way through the body weight workout series so far, but they have a TON of options. 10 minute workouts when you don’t have time, cardio, abs, etc. It’s really a family fitness destination. They have literally created shows for everyone from kids (6+) to grandma. Busy moms and dads, and expatriates who are much more comfortable staying at home, are the perfect candidates. Plus, you need almost nothing to get started. And if you have weights and bands already…they have shows for that, too.

Another SUPER cool thing is that you can workout with the trainers live. Because my workout time and bandwidth is so limited, I really can’t workout when the shows are live, but if I did I would be getting shout-outs from the trainers in real time. How motivating is that! I make it a point to comment on a show after I’ve completed it because I get feedback every time. The social media aspect is really fun and creates a close-knit community feeling you wouldn’t get from a gym or classes anyway. I feel like I’ve made friends with my instructor, but we’re thousands of miles away from each other and have never actually met.

Getting a shout out from Jenn G. prompted me to try on my pre-pregnancy jeans yesterday. And they FIT! WOOHOO


9 thoughts on “LiveExercise

  1. Ok, I’m no where near what you have accomplished (3 kids and a move across the equator), but thanks so much for the motivation! I’m already mourning the loss of my jeans and they are only a bit snug right now. You look so amazing from start to finish!

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  3. Hope you look awesome!!! I love that you love my class and thank you for the shout out! You are an inspiration to many including me! Xo

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