Sick Days

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Recently, G and I have been making a huge effort to not allow the boys to watch TV (what am I talking about? we don’t even have the kind of TV you think of when you think of TV here) or movies during the week. Friday nights are movie nights and weekends are fair game, so that means that I’M making a huge effort to not allow the boys to watch movies. This also means that if they’re driving me to the point of pretending I have to pee so I can get a minute alone in a locked bathroom I shouldn’t just throw on some Pixar. It’s tough.

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What’s worse is when the kids (or I) am sick. It’s difficult enough to get these guys to sit still long enough to eat a meal, let alone rest so they’ll get better fast. First L got the flu, then T (while G was on a business trip, no less), then me and M. Once everyone was better, I got a mastitis. A few days of healthy and T got a nasty cold. Now L has it and we’re back to movies while they’re at home all day. We can’t go outside to play…resting activities include trains, Lego’s, books, and Disney. Puzzles, too…and games on my tablet. I guess we do have a few things, but nothing helps them rest more than a movie.

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Any other ideas?



3 thoughts on “Sick Days

  1. I don’t have any specific ideas, but I will say that PInterest has SO MANY preschool and toddler ideas. Probably most of them are too involved for sick times, though. What about painting or coloring? Or long baths?

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