Sometimes everything seems to go by so quickly. Many of the friends that were pregnant at the same time I was with L are posting pictures of their little ones as newborns nearly FOUR years ago. What? L will be four in just a few months? But he’s still just my melodramatic baby boy!

Melodramatic Baby L

That means T is nearly 2 1/2…oh-so that’s why he’s not my super agreeable barrel-chested boy all the time anymore. woot.

Agreeable Baby T

And M, my extra considerate baby girl…will be old enough to sleep train soon! Where did the time go? Not that I’m complaining…you know, since now I might get a little more sleep? I’ve already had to get her 3-6 month clothes out. She’s long and thin…kind of like mommy. L took a long time to grow out of his clothes as a baby (still the same). T grew out of them because he was thick. M is growing out of them because she’s tall.

Considerate Baby M

Sometimes everything seems to go by too slowly for anyone’s patience to hold…like when you’re waiting for your next vacation home.

And then there’s how I spend my time, everyday, over and over again like I’m on a merry-go-round that won’t ever stop. I really like predictability and auto-piloting as much as I can, but the flexibility for spontaneity is so necessary. Unfortunately, the opportunity for spontaneity when living in a country that you don’t have a firm grasp of the language with three children under the age of four is about nil.

Isn’t it funny how time can feel so different all at the same time? What do you do when the “I need to do something out of the ordinary” bug bites you?


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