Frequent phrases I never thought I would say so much

1. Tush: because baby butts, especially little boys’ butts, are quite possibly the cutest thing to ever see.

2. Teeferz: baby teeth are known as teeferz. As in “Let me see those teeferz! Wow! You have so many teeferz! Your teeferz are SO bright! Did you brush your teeferz?”

3. Owie-Owie AKA pacifier. T made this one up. Have no idea where it came from.

4. No…followed by almost anything, really. No, you cannot feed crackers to your baby sister, for instance.

5. I’m in the bathroom: (yelled through a locked door) because every time, without fail, I enter that tiny room, someone needs me.

6. Tag, you’re it: Not while playing the game tag, but when “giving up” at bedtime and trading places with G…because I can only take so much of the diversionary tactics.

7. Aye: a little Portuguese exclamation sneaking into my day to day vocabulary as well as “aye, matey! the ship is off!” because nothing is so much fun as playing pirates.

8. That’s a one-that’s a two: from 1-2-3 Magic. A really fantastic discipline program that is helping me eliminate yelling and helping my kids listen to me.

9. Take a deep breath: a reminder for me and my kiddos when there is too much crying.

10. I love you soooo much. This one needs no explanation.


Even when you make that face, T.


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