Compliments & Gratitude

Compliments are nice to hear, but I don’t always believe them. Isn’t it always the case when someone close to you gives you a compliment? I know every time G says I’m beautiful I think “well of course YOU think I’m pretty!” But because he’s saying it does it really count less?

This past Saturday we were low on the “Daddy’s making breakfast essentials” and because it was my morning to sleep in, G had a hard time figuring out what to do. I got up and had coffee, oatmeal, and bacon on the table within 10 minutes. OK, so G had already started the bacon, but as we were sitting down at the table, with bed head and sleepy eyes G said: “I’m seriously impressed with the way you run this household.” And it completely caught me off guard. I had to sort of stop what I was doing to take a second and give a proper thank you after wiping the giddy, appreciative smile off of my face.

Fondness and affection toward your spouse are a key point in a good relationship. Many of you are thinking: duh!? But in the hectic day to day with all that everyone has to do and get to, you can probably go at least a day or two without intentionally saying something nice/complimentary to your significant other. Why is that? Aren’t they the most important people and the ones we spend the most time with? Why is it so easy to be hard on the people we are closest to and polite to perfect strangers?

The book I mentioned in this post suggested starting a gratitude journal because those who consciously practice gratitude are happier. I only started mine two weeks ago writing one thing I am thankful for each day. Almost half of the things I have written down include G in some way. Shouldn’t I tell him that? Yes, of course he knows I’m thankful for him, but he should hear it, too. It makes a difference!

The other half of my gratitude journal is filled with my kids. Yes, it also says I’m thankful for coffee…but even though it’s something we “know”, it’s nice to really know what a blessing the kids are! For all of the difficult moments and times when I want to rip my hair out, there are at least twice as many that are joy-filled and just awesome.

Who couldn’t be thankful for these faces?



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