First Born Problems

Birth order is important, but in what way?

According to popular belief, L


is/will be confident, determined, a born leader, organized, eager to please, and likes to avoid trouble. Some of these traits have not shown up yet…like the avoiding trouble one? Yeah…hopefully that’s coming.


Middle Child

can/will be able to roll with the punches, negotiate well, and have lots of loyal friends. I’m definitely nervous about when that negotiator comes out.



will be persistent, a great storyteller, and affectionate. Maybe she can take over story time for Mom & Dad one day!

Now that I’m on the third one, I often think how I could have done better with the first. Momanoia (I’m just going to go with that one) was in it’s height when L was a baby and I can’t help but think that if I hadn’t been so paranoid and afraid of everything I would have done a better job (or at least made my life a little easier now by preparing him better for toddler-hood and pre-school life). Not that my job is anywhere near done with him, but let’s just take a moment and thank God that he won’t remember the first three years of his life. Woohoo! Win for me 🙂

But seriously, I find myself being harder on L than T when rules are broken. I REALLY try to avoid that, but it just seems to come out that way for some reason. For instance, at nap-time T will do really well if I hold him and sing a song, but why wasn’t my instinct to help L to go to sleep that way when he was T’s age? Maybe I had it in my head that he wouldn’t learn how to go to sleep on his own if I did that? M doesn’t even need a song. Just wrap her up with her owie-owie (AKA Pacifier) and she’s good to go. Will she be the best off because I know more the third time around?

I know that I can only be the best Mom that I can, but sometimes I wish I could go back with the knowledge I have now and fix it. Luckily for L, he’s got birth order on his side.


One thought on “First Born Problems

  1. Um, luckily for all of them, they have YOU on their side! You might be doing things a little differently as you go through, but you also had extra time with Luke. You’ve been a champ since the beginning, and they’re all wonderful in their own unique way.

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