I know why Mom jeans exist.

I put my old green Puma workout capris on a couple of mornings ago and found myself pulling them up really high. Not just to what should be my natural waistline (of which I do not have at the moment), but literally as high as they would comfortably go without giving me the most unsightly wedgie known to man. I was attempting to avoid the awkward muffin top, “are you still pregnant?” look and then it hit me.

This, my childless, hard-bodied, friends, is why mom jeans exist.

If I can successfully pull my pants above my 2 month post-partum pooch it looks A LOT better than if I just let it all hang out. The popular way to wear pants is low on your hips and it has been this way for a long time. Probably since before I knew what “cool” was. I remember my Mom telling me where my natural waist was when I was in that awful place called middle school and I completely didn’t believe her because that wasn’t where my cute jeans sat on my body.

I do plan on getting my, non-maternity, cute jeans that sit in the right place on soon, but before I do…let’s talk about how wholly unflattering going with the popular choice is.

Yes, I have had three children and my most recent is just over two months old, I should give myself a break. And I do…but I’m also working out and eating (mostly) right. Aside from the crazy bouts of hunger in which I will eat anything in sight due to the whole nursing thing. Especially these little Brazillian goodies…

I also know why moms of the 40’s & 50’s looked so much better than moms of today. Higher waistlines & girdles. Talk about spanxx! These things are intense. You know, that & the fact that OB/GYN’s were telling women not to gain more than 10 pounds. That’s all the baby weighs at most, right? I have a bellefit girdle because having babies close together does things to your body. Things that having babies with more time for your body to heal in between each one doesn’t…like separate your stomach muscles.

Diastasis Recti is a separation of your abdominal muscles down the middle. You know that six pack ab where you can literally see lines on someone’s stomach? Oh, you can just look down and see it now? Right. Well, on me, the vertical one down the middle opened up to about a four finger width to allow this adorable little (8 pounds 3 ounces & 21 inches little) thing to grow in it.


With the girdle and some exercises…including trying to remember to pull my tummy to my spine constantly (are you doing it right now?)…it has already gone down to a two finger width. I still have that weird drawstring effect, though. You’ll have to google image search that one on your own. Hopefully, I won’t have to have surgery to fix it.

What’s your workout routine and how do you stick to it? I’m just getting back into the swing of things, but in the interest of making a goal public: I want to workout to a video or in my condominium’s gym room from 8:30-9:30am every week day. On the weekends I will play soccer and swim with the boys. Let’s do this!


11 thoughts on “I know why Mom jeans exist.

  1. BTW….Haha, it is totally true. On days when I had one too many cupcakes the night before, I totally wear my (slightly) higher waisted jeans that go over the muffin top.
    Moms were on to something…but it does make your (not YOURS. THEIRS!) butt look bigger/taller.

  2. Lol! You are funny!

    Good for you on the exercising! I finally found a form of exercise that works for me: running! I go in the morning before Peter has to start work, and it’s been great not only for the exercise, but also as alone time. 🙂

    • Thanks! Loving the alone time…didn’t even need music to keep me going on the treadmill today. Just being alone was kind of amazing. I’m hoping to post weekly pictures of my progress.

  3. LiveExercise has been the only workout routine I’ve been able to stick with. I’ve been working out every day now for almost 2 years. There are even 10 and 20 minute shows when you don’t have a ton of time. Definitely worth checking out if you need something new. 🙂 The shows are also really entertaining. Blake and Sarah talk a lot about their kids on Chiseled.

  4. Well I wasn’t sucking in my stomach, until you pointed it out! Lol!! I need to work on that. I try to do a simple work out in the home (or you could do it in your gym for some alone time). Just some leg lunches, push ups, various exercises with 10 lb dumbbells. Even if my work out is short and sweet, I tell myself something is better than nothing!!! You are beautiful Hope and you can do anything you put your mind to!!

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